Feeling _______ – #humanemotions

When in you are in a 5 year long relationship, eventually its marriage that’s on your mind with that special person. Just like ‘no trees grow overnight’, no relationship grows in one day  the feelings grow stronger day by day as you two get to know each other more. So why those feelings start to fade once you are married. Any relationship consumes you physically and mentally, it’s practically living each other’s life. So what changes as soon as you are hitched?

Trust me onto this, after marriage the world changes for both of you. Earlier it was all about you two, your agreements and disagreements but now it’s about everyone else, except you two. There was a time when time fell short when you two talked & you would do anything (literally) to take out some time for that special person, the love of your life. And now, there is this, when you practically have nothing to say to each other all you have is your repetitive schedule of work & home. Some would say it’s all part of getting life more mature, more grown up but I say, if this is matured then I don’t want to be one.

I wonder why we lost our interest in us, why we don’t make efforts to talk to each other more honestly about what we feel & why we can’t for once think about us rather than putting others in priority.

People would say it all comes down to understanding your partner well and communicating with him/her but it’s not arranged marriage guys, its love marriage I’m talking about. it’s not like we met just months before marriage, it was good long 5 years of courtship wherein we poured our hearts out and it’s long enough to know what type of person you are dating. So where are we going wrong !!!

If I be honest, in my marriage I’m the one who is reckless and do stupid stuff and my husband is more patient and sorted one but still I feel after we officially started our lives together he has changed from what I used to know him and fell for him. It’s like I’m never his priority just an obligation which makes me feel frustrated and trapped forever.

What am I supposed to do??????


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